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For retailers in particular, inventory and its associated costs represent a substantial percentage of current assets on the balance sheet. To Know more, click on About Us.

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Opportunity cost is generally defined as the price of foregoing other, possibly more advantageous uses for money that is being tied up in stored goods. The cost of obsolescence will be recorded as a write-off. Perishable or trendy inventory has a higher cost of obsolescence than non-perishable or staple items. Carrying costs generally run between 20 percent and 30 percent of the total cost of inventory, although it varies depending on the industry and the business size.

When the company is public, analysts monitor its inventory carrying costs over time for big changes and also compare its inventory carrying costs against those of others in its peer group. Fundamental Analysis. Corporate Finance. Financial Analysis.

Financial Ratios. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. There is always an interest cost associated with the funds used to pay for inventory. If a company has no debt , this cost represents the foregone interest income associated with the allocated funds. Cost of obsolescence. Some inventory items may never be used or will be damaged while in storage, and so must be disposed of at a reduced price, or at no price at all. Depending on how perishable the inventory is, or the speed with which technology changes impact inventory values, this can be a substantial cost.

Administrative costs. The cost of cost accounting personnel is charged to expense as incurred. As the preceding list reveals, the cost of inventory is substantial. If not properly monitored and adjusted, inventory costs can eat into profits and cash reserves. Articles Topics Index Site Archive. Inventory storage costs typically include Cost of Building Rental and facility maintenance and related costs.

Cost of Material Handling Equipments, IT Hardware and applications, including cost of purchase, depreciation or rental or lease as the case may be. Further costs include operational costs, consumables, communication costs and utilities, besides the cost of human resources employed in operations as well as management. Includes the costs of investments, interest on working capital, taxes on inventory paid, insurance costs and other costs associate with legal liabilities.

The inventory storage costs as well as cost of capital is dependant upon and varies with the decision of the management to manage inventory in house or through outsourced vendors and third party service providers. Current times, the trend is increasingly in favor of outsourcing the inventory management to third party service provides.

For one thing the organizations find that managing inventory operations requires certain core competencies, which may not be inline with their business competencies. They would rather outsource to a supplier who has the required competency than build them in house.

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inventory cost: Определение inventory cost: the cost of keeping goods somewhere, including the costs of storing them, insurance, taxes, etc. inventory cost, Существительное inventory cost / inventory costs, стоимость запасов. inventory costs перевод в словаре английский - русский.

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