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For instance, if an agent handles 80 calls a day and puts in 8 hours of work each day, then the average number of calls made by the agent during one hour will be 80 divided by 8, which will be 10 calls per hour.

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Additionally, the quality of the labor pool to draw from is not ideal due to low unemployment rates in many markets. And the direct-to-customer industry is in competition for CSRs with other sectors such as financial services. The direct industry has a difficult balancing act to perform. Cost benchmarks The use of universal agents, increasing Internet order volume, and the need for contact center to support e-mail and online activity all make it more difficult for companies to define their costs clearly.

Typically, contact centers measure their cost-per-call, cost-per- contact, and cost-per-order. We define fully loaded cost-per-call as including direct, indirect, and management labor; benefits, incentive pay, training, recruitment, third-party call center services, correspondence costs, telecommunications, and occupancy. To better understand the cost per call, we reviewed our proprietary benchmarking database, looking at 18 large companies with call volumes ranging from , to more than 9 million calls annually.

For purposes of this analysis we have left out of the cost-per-call the credit card processing costs. The impact of the Internet, direct labor rates, and availability of labor all need to be addressed. The real issue, however, is how well is your contact center being managed?

Managing Your Cost Per Call. Improving the schedule will depend on having the right software tools, but much of your success will also depend on management to make sure that people adhere to the schedule. You can also present the CPC of complaints and queries generated by other departments to help them understand their impact. Studying this data in cash terms is likely to be more impactful then agent minutes might be. Presenting this kind of data accomplishes two main goals. First, it reminds the wider business that the contact centre is not totally responsible for their own costs.

Second, it highlights the largest areas of cost that those departments generate in customer contacts. You can read more about driving the Voice of the Customer into business here. There can also be a direct benefit for the contact centre. As call-cost analysis becomes more granular, it will identify the kinds of calls that are using the most resources, identifying expensive contact types that might need to be revisited.

On the other hand, understanding the cost of call types might highlight where the really useful investments could be made. For example, a business might want to spend more time on retention activities, and the costing information could help them to achieve that. You also need to know what the cost of handling your communications is if you want to outsource any part of it.

It will be easier to act on CPC data if that data can be categorised more effectively based on the contact types that are commonly received. Perhaps the most obvious way to categorise contact types is to separate the costs over different channels. However, in most cases this is not easy to achieve. In a contact centre that uses multiple contact channels, but where agents only handle one channel each, the calculation might be straightforward.

Simply sum the total costs of the centre, and subtract costs that are not related to that activity. For example, the cost of responding to emails does not need to include the costs of the telephony infrastructure. But while a contact on the telephone will take 7 minutes, an email exchange could take 3 minutes or 20 minutes. One alternative is to look at the cost of conducting a single minute of call handling.

The calculation for this is roughly the same as for the regular CPC, but rather than dividing total cost by number of contacts, divide it by number of minutes. Well, for contact centres with some variability in call length, the average CPC might not be very representative. There is at least one way that strategies aimed at lowering total costs for the business can actually increase the CPC figure in an unexpected way.

The adoption of cloud services can save money overall, but it also moves expenditure from Capex into Opex. As a result, the operational budget for the contact centre will be higher, driving up the cost-per-call. Another granular breakdown of costs looks at the length of individual calls, and whether ten minutes spent on a single call costs more than ten minutes spent on five calls that were each two minutes long.

The argument for this is that productivity is measured by how many customer queries are resolved in total, so solving five calls is five times more productive than solving one. Longer calls also contribute to longer queue times.

This covers a lot of variability between businesses, which also place very different values on calls of varying lengths. The average two-minute call is likely to be low value, like a password renewal. When you operate a contact center, you have a wide range of associated costs, including employee wages, training, benefits, infrastructure, software, office space and even utilities.

These costs were once tabulated to determine the cost per call. However, with most contact centers managing multiple digital and voice channels, a more relevant calculation may be cost per transaction. This number can jump with additional costs, such as indirect labor. This cost is often compared to providing service on other channels.

Will an app decrease call volume by 3, calls per year? Technology has dramatically impacted the cost per minute of a contact center. This includes innovations in cloud computing and unified communications, as well as advancements in self-service channels like IVR, chatbots and apps. With contact center as a service CCaaS solutions available on a subscription basis, there is no longer the need to buy expensive, resource-draining contact center hardware.

Then, would also have to include installation, integration, training and maintenance. This is one of the most straightforward ways to reduce the cost per minute of any contact center.

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Стоимость целевого действия (Cost Per Action, CPA). звонков, вы сможете рассчитать стоимость звонка (Cost Per Call) с каждого рекламного канала. Cost per Action — ценовая модель оплаты интернет-рекламы, которая и т.д.;; CPC (Cost per Call) — оплата за звонок потенциально клиента;. Тема сообщения: Cost per Order. не могу припомнить верный перевод. Есть еще cost per call cost per interest cost per address. Маркетинг.

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