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Although these are distinct differences, the term PERT is applied increasingly to all critical path scheduling.

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It is based on Beta Distribution. It improves the Estimation accuracy and reduces Project Risk. It provides a better result than just a Single Point Estimate. PERT formula has a statistical background. It is based on probability theory and statistics. The formula mentioned above is a close approximation of Mean found by Beta Distribution.

Let us consider an example to see how these formulas work. Let us assume that we have to estimate time it takes to go from point A to point B. There could be 3 different Scenario:. Optimistic Scenario — Roads would be free of any traffic congestion and there will be no stopping at Traffic signals. Pessimistic Scenario — There would be serious traffic bottlenecks may be due to a major accident or there will be some unscheduled stops may be due to vehicle breakdown.

Which formula do you use to determine 3-Point Estimate in your projects? Why do use one method over the other? Please leave a comment. It contains 45 formulas and 57 abbrviations. Pasar de 7 unidades a 6 unidades tiene un costo de. Buscar terreno A - 8 2. Buscar ar quite cto B - 4 1. Limpiar terreno C A 2 1 1. Reali zar planos D A -B 6 3. Registrar planos E D 12 6. Hacer cimiento F E 3 1 0.

Levantar paredes G F 10 7. Techar H G 3 4. Instalacione s Vs I F 3 Revoque de paredes K I -J 6 4. Pintura M L 2 5. Citations 0. References 0. Welcome back! Please log in. Password Forgot password? Keep me logged in. Log in. Continue with LinkedIn. Continue with Google. No account? Sign up. The accountant at the time of cost budgeting should, in consultation with the project manager, define:. The category of cost that should be allocated to the project activity.

A fair estimate of such cost should be considered as a part of the budgeted cost of the activity. These are usually in the category of direct cost directly associated with the project;. The category of cost that should be apportioned to the projected activities along with the basis of collection of such cost as well as the basis of their apportionment. There are usually the indirect costs which can be apportioned on man-hour or machine-hour basis. A group of people or even a single person within the project team is assigned the responsibility to carry out a particular activity being a part of the project work and is provided with an estimated time and resources like Men, Material, Machine for the performance of the activity.

Once the Accountant has established the budgeted data as above, he is also to ensure as the Project Accountant that all actual are accumulated in the same code against the specific accounts.

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Lecture - 16 Project Monitoring and Control with PERT/Cost

Таким образом, в г. появилась PERT/Cost методика (PERT-анализ с целью стоимостного прогнозирования), в то время как первоначальное. percentage completion доля выполненной работы (в процентах) PERT метод ПЕРТ PERT chart график сетевого планирования, график ПЕРТ PERT-cost. Метод PERT/COST можно использовать в случаях когда необходимо сократить продолжительность и есть возможность увеличить.

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