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Brought to you by Squizz Caphinator. If you do not check one or both of these then when the shield goes online after entry of the password, you will be kicked away from the POS tower by the bubble. In the blueprints tab you can see eve cost and your corporation currently owned blueprints, either originals BPO or copies BPCin any location.

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If you do not check one or both of these then when the shield goes online after entry of the password, you will be kicked away from the POS tower by the bubble. If this happens, re-approach the tower and right-click the tower to get back into the management screen. You can then fix the restriction masks while outside the bubble. See " Restriction Masks ".

On the " Defense " tab, the only check-box that should be turned on in high-security space is "Attack if at War". See " Tower Defense Settings " for more details. Make sure that you click the "Apply" button to save your changes. Once the tower is fueled, online and the shield is up, you can start anchoring modules.

But first, keep in mind the following limitations and common mistakes:. After anchoring, you can either leave the module offline or you can right-click the module to put it online and active. When moving the green box with the arrows, every "step" is about m. Most modules need to be placed a minimum of m away from the nearest module 2 steps.

One thing, as a POS fuel jockey, which will make your life easier are spreadsheets. Ideally, you should setup a spreadsheet such as the POS Fueling blank and use it to track:. The spreadsheet should also have a feature where, if you tell it how much fuel is in the tower, that it will tell you how many units of each fuel type to take out to the tower to get a balanced fuel load.

Eventually, all things must come to an end and it is time to tear down your tower, or move it to a new location, or just go on temporary hiatus. Taking a tower down is faster then putting it up, but you should still allow a few hours if you have lots of modules anchored. You will need some sort of industrial ship T1 industrial, T2 transport, orca, etc. If you are working on scooping up batteries outside the shield which are spread apart, then an afterburner module will be very useful.

This is done by unanchoring any expensive modules, then taking the tower offline. The POS shield will vanish and everything that was online will go offline. Note that since the tower is now defenseless, you should only mothball towers in hi-sec or possibly player-controlled null-sec.

Jump to: navigation , search. Starbases are slowly being phased out of the game, to be replaced by Upwell structures. Category : POS. The system cost index is a rough indication to how much your job will cost, relatively, to install. The more of the icon is filled with the red bar, the more of that activity is being carried out in that facility, and thus the more expensive the production lines will cost.

In jobs tab you can view all of your and your currently-running jobs, plus their duration, end time, location, activity and similar useful things. Research jobs have blue duration bars, manufacturing jobs have yellow bars. You can also see jobs installed by people in your corporation, so long as they are using corporation-owned blueprints. You will need to use this tab to deliver completed jobs back to your hangar.

All manufacturing requires materials to be obtained to use in the production process, and there are various sources of raw materials in New Eden that require harvesting, in order to gather these resources. Moons are a vitally important source of raw materials for all T2 products, and some T1 products. To use the materials mined from the moon for anything they need to be refined through reactions first. Jump to: navigation , search. Production Production refers to everything you can do with a blueprint in the Industry window: manufacturing of items, time efficiency and material efficiency research of blueprints, blueprint copying, invention, and reverse engineering.

Blueprints are the base of production in EVE. They can be directly used for T1 production, researched to make them better for T1 production, copied or used for invention for T2 production. Manufacturing You have a blueprint or a blueprint copy. The next step is to manufacture the item. Research allows improving the material efficiency or time efficiency of a T1 blueprint original.

This allows you to make the item with fewer materials or in less time. Copying is the process of making limited run copies off of a blueprint original. The copies retain the ME and TE research level of the original blueprint. Invention is the process of making T2 blueprint copies off of a T1 blueprint original.

Tech 3 Production is the process of making tech 3 ships. Reactions is the process of refining raw moon ore or gas into a form that can be used for manufacturing. Industry window The industry window can be found in the neocom menu. Resources All manufacturing requires materials to be obtained to use in the production process, and there are various sources of raw materials in New Eden that require harvesting, in order to gather these resources.

This would be like having to buy a new set of armour every time you die in World of Warcraft ; a scary notion. The prices show the sheer scale of the losses incurred in large battles and are based on a player buying game time codes for cash to be sold in-game for ISK. The next time you hear about a titan being killed or a fleet of capital ships being wiped out, perhaps this chart can help show the sheer scale of that loss.

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SHIP BONUSES. Amarr Frigate bonuses (per skill level): 10% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer amount 10% reduction in Remote Armor Repairer activation cost. The storm passed over, and the wings of her soul drooped without flight ; but these tempests of feeling cost her much. However she might strive not to betray. В производстве есть такое понятие как base item cost. Я не пойму как оно считается. Стоимость плавает в небольших пределах, то есть  GDocs - вытягиваем цены. Гайд для совсем чайников. UPD

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