High cost and low fire resistance

In fact, depending on the type you choose, you may even be eligible for tax credits.

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Metal roof shingles offer an unbeatable combination of traditional style and exceptional durability. You can purchase them in a wide range of colors, and they can be used on almost any roof type. What makes this one of the best roofing options is premium protection against inclement weather. Most brands are guaranteed to resist winds of up to miles per hour and have a high impact resistance rating. This makes them ideal if you live in an area prone to hail or strong thunderstorms.

They can also give you great peace of mind when it comes to fire resistance, since they are non-combustible. As for warranties, they vary slightly from one manufacturer to another, but many come with fifty-year general guarantees. The paint finishes may be covered by a separate warranty, however, that is shorter than the life of the shingle.

Another highly attractive feature is low maintenance. One thing that some consider a negative is the initial high price. Metal roofing is a premium product and as a result is more expensive that regular asphalt shingles. Keep in mind that this roof can pay for itself over time, because of its long life and low maintenance costs.

If you have your heart set on a classic looking exterior, you should consider architectural shingles. This is a great roof for homeowners who want the best value. They look better and last longer, are thicker, have a more dramatic texture and are of better quality than standard 3 — tab shingles. Architectural products are as versatile as standard ones, fitting in beautifully with a wide array of home styles. However, their higher durability ratings and stronger aesthetic appeal set them apart.

From contemporary homes to cottage and Victorian styles, almost any home can be elevated with an investment in higher-end shingles. Most are rated for wind resistance up to miles per hour. Where the average shingle roof will last about to twenty years, architectural shingles routinely come with warranties of up to 30 years.

In terms of energy efficiency, they also offer a slightly higher rating than traditional ones. Still, architectural shingles require much the same maintenance as standard 3-Tabs. They can be susceptible to mildew and ice damage. Also, keep in mind that all asphalt shingles are one of the least energy-efficient and earth friendly materials.

They cannot be recycled and end up in our landfills at the end of their service life. All these additional benefits come with a higher price tag than 3-tab shingles. The final cost depends on product type basic or premium and your geographic location.

If the romantic look of European roof scapes appeals to your sensibilities, clay tiles may be just the way to add some flair to your own home. It is generally connected with Spanish Mission, Italian, American Southwestern and Mediterranean-inspired architecture, but can also be a beautiful option for more modern homes. High moisture, extreme weather, fire and insect activity are no match for the durability of a clay tile roof.

Most varieties will outlast every other part of the roof. Moreover, their natural thermal resistance and the method of installation makes them a strong contender for green, energy-efficient building. There are also has some drawbacks to consider. When you think of metal roofing are you imagining vertical panels with prominent seams running upwards to the peak of the roof?

It was once used primarily for agricultural and industrial buildings. However, today standing seam is quickly becoming popular among residential builders. It is equally suited to ultra modern architectural styles with industrial influences, as it is to rustic cabins and farmhouses.

It is a great choice for roofs with a higher pitch, but could present problems at a pitch of or less. If you live in an area prone to high levels of snow fall, standing seam may be the best option at your disposal. It offers superior snow-shedding capabilities due to the flat panel and vertical seams, which allow snow to slide easily down the roof.

Moreover, panels are highly resistant to rust, will not crack or rot and are fire resistant. Because they reflect the heat of the sun, they can also substantially reduce cooling costs in the summer. This same quality allows them to aid in melting of snow and ice dams in the winter. Standing seam can also expand and contract with changes in temperature. This can create the need to adjust fasteners from time to time, a minimal maintenance requirement compared to other popular materials.

With regular attention paid to fasteners and finish, the lifespan of this roof is usually predicted to reach at least fifty years. Most products come with full fifty-year general warranties. Though this material is becoming more popular with every passing year, limited number of qualified contractors translates to higher installation costs. For the Old World elegance of tile in more subdued, classier color schemes, you may want to consider a slate roof.

It is made from slivers of real rock and stone, a naturally mined product and can be installed in a wide range of patterns. French Revival, Tudor and other classic European home style look beautiful with a slate roof. At the same time, it can be right at home on a modern home, a cottage or as part of a mixed architectural design.

Much like clay, slate is impervious to moisture, insects, fire and inclement weather. Similarly, it will likely require extra reinforcement to accommodate its considerable weight. It is also highly energy-efficient. Slate is positioned far on the high-end of the price spectrum. If you go for it, you will want to invest in regular inspections for the underlayment every eight to ten years to be sure the roof remains in good condition.

Cleaning gutters and other maintenance should be completed with care, though, as slates can also shatter under the weight of a person walking on the surface. Do you long for the look of natural slate but are put off by some of its disadvantages? If so, composite slate roofing may be the ideal option for your home. Traditional, European-inspired, modern and contemporary home designs can all be complemented beautifully with the addition of synthetic slate. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, synthetic slate could be made of steel, asphalt, rubber, plastic polymers or even clay.

Because the composition will vary, so will the durability, life span and warranty terms of a specific product. Energy efficiency ratings will also depend upon the brand you choose. This means they are relatively untested in real-world applications, though they have been subjected to accelerated element testing by the manufacturer. You can enjoy the beauty and durability of faux slate for a fraction of the cost of its authentic counterpart.

Corrugated metal is equally at home on log cabins and rustic homes as it is modern and contemporary structures. It is resistant to not only insect activity and moisture damage, but also rotting, rust and fire. In fact, it boasts a Class A fire rating, the highest possible for building materials. In fact, depending on the type you choose, you may even be eligible for tax credits.

Out of all metal roof options, corrugated panels have the lowest price. For the most part, maintenance will consist of hosing off the roof to clear away debris, and annual checks for damage. Concrete Roof Tile on a Traditional Home. Once used for slabs and driveways, concrete is now a sought-after roofing choice. A newer product, concrete tile is quickly becoming one of the top roofing materials on the market today.

Capable of mimicking wood shakes, slate, clay and other high-end roofs, concrete tile is a highly versatile option. Also rated for lifespan of up to a century, concrete is as durable and long-lived as clay tile. Concrete tiles are a low-maintenance option, impervious to rot, water damage, fire or insect activity.

All this roof generally requires is an occasional hosing to remove dirt or collected debris. Energy efficiency may vary depending on the coatings used during the manufacturing process. Still, any concrete roof will be more efficient than asphalt. The most common drawback cited by homeowners who opted for the earliest versions of concrete roofs were breakage, spalling and color changing. Fortunately, recent improvements in the technology have largely eliminated these issues.

This is where products like stone-coated steel shingles can really save the day. Offering a high-end aesthetic at a substantially lower price, stone-coated steel is one of the most popular options on the market today. Well-suited to a variety of climates, it is rated for wind resistance up to miles per hour, rapid freeze and thaw cycles and uplifting winds.

Exhibitions by manufacturers have indicated that a stone-coated steel roof is more energy-efficient than standard, white asphalt shingles. These tests show simulated attic spaces beneath a steel roof remained cooler than the asphalt side, due to not only its natural qualities, but also installation methods which promote airflow.

In most cases, maintenance will consist primarily of hosing off debris or collected dirt. Exposed fasteners should be checked for rust or damage over time. Being a relatively new product, most of the information on stone-coated steel comes from lab testing and simulations.

You may also have trouble finding a contractor who knows how to install them properly, which can contribute to the potential for moisture penetration. The most sought-after shake and shingle products are made from redwood, cypress, pine or western red cedar. You will typically find them on bungalows, cottages and Cape Cod-style homes, but they are versatile enough to work with a variety of other styles as well.

Wood shakes and shingles are a bit more fragile than other popular roofs. They will need to be treated regularly to prevent water damage, mold growth and insect colonization. Warranties tend to be limited. They are against defects in manufacturing for up to fifty years.

With proper maintenance, though, wood shingles and shakes can last for up to thirty years, which is longer than the average lifespan of asphalt. They also offer higher energy efficiency ratings than traditional shingles. Are you a traditionalist who longs for the warm charm of years gone by? Maybe you are a nature-lover who strives for sustainability in your home improvement projects.

Other materials rely on fire protection, fire safety engineering or rate of loss of combustion. This reliance on fire protection, fire safety engineering and rate of combustion makes them unforgiving of workmanship errors, future changes as simple as changing light fittings, compliance with management procedures and human behaviour.

Concrete does not burn — it cannot be set on fire and it does not emit any toxic fumes when affected by fire. Concrete is proven to have a high degree of fire resistance and, in the majority of applications, can be described as virtually fireproof. It is this slow rate of conductivity heat transfer that enables concrete to act as an effective fire shield not only between adjacent spaces, but also to protect itself from fire damage.

Concrete structures perform well in fire. This is because of the combination of the inherent properties of the concrete itself, along with the appropriate design of the structural elements to give the required fire performance and the design of the overall structure to ensure robustness.

Fire performance is the ability of a particular structural element as opposed to any particular building material to fulfil its designed function for a period of time in the event of a fire. The impact of a major fire at Tytherington County High School, Cheshire, was limited due to the fire resistance of the concrete structure.

Rather than taking a year to be demolished and replaced, as was the case with an adjacent lightweight structure, the concrete classrooms were repaired ready for the following term. Eurocode 1 BS Standards for precast concrete. Innovative concrete Visual concrete Exposed concrete floors Visual blockwork and masonry Visual in-situ concrete Visual precast concrete. Planning National Planning Policy Framework. Special concrete High strength concrete High workability concrete Lightweight concrete No-fines concrete Roller-compacted concrete Self-compacting concrete SCC Sprayed concrete Water-resistant concrete.

Cladding Foundations Piling Remediation of brownfield land Retaining walls Soil stabilisation and solidification. Airtightness Durability Low energy buildings Embodied carbon Embodied carbon of structural frames Operational and embodied carbon: commerical Operational and embodied carbon: housing.

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As a result, cost prices for fire-protective materials are low as compared with Keywords: eco-safe, fire resistance, non-toxic, high efficient, fire-protective. High cost fire-resistance non-fire-resistance. Low resistance low cost high strength. High weight durability corrosion-resistance. Heavy weight. In most cases it is important that they should be hard, durable, fire-resistant an easily fastened together. They all have low resistance low cost high strength.

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