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When path cost input destination data is a raster, the set of destination cells consists of all cells in the input raster or feature destination data that have valid values. With this option, each cell of the input destination data is treated separately, and сибур экономит least-cost path is determined for each from cell.

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To avoid this situation, as an intermediate step, you could rasterize the input features directly with the Polygon to Raster tool and set a Priority field , and use the resulting output as input to the Distance tool. Alternatively, you could select a small enough cell size to capture the appropriate amount of detail from the input features. When multiple paths merge and follow the remaining distance back to a source on the same route, the segment where the two paths travel together is assigned the value 2.

The merged portion of the path cannot be assigned the value of one of the paths, since the merged portion belongs to both routes. Cost Path does not respect the Mask environment setting. The analysis extent should not be different from the cost distance and cost back link rasters. Cost Path will ignore the Cell size environment setting and use the cell size of the Input cost backlink raster for the output raster. The pattern of the back link raster would be seriously altered if it were resampled to a different resolution.

To avoid any confusion, the cell size should not be set when using this tool. Cost Path can also be used to derive the path of least resistance down a digital elevation model DEM. In this case, use the DEM for the Input cost distance raster and the output from the Flow Direction tool for the Input cost backlink raster.

Valid flow direction raster values are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and ; valid values in the back link raster are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Both of these rasters are acceptable. When the input destination data is feature, it must contain at least one valid field. See Analysis environments and Spatial Analyst for additional details on the geoprocessing environments that apply to this tool.

A raster or feature dataset that identifies those cells from which the least-cost path is determined to the least costly source. Do more with. View Solutions Only. Commented: Preface: trying to cover in a nutshell the spanning tree algorithm chooses a reference point in the network and calculates the redundant paths to that reference point.

After all the links in the network are found 1 path is chosen by spanning tree algorithm for data transfer and the rest are shut down to prevent loops. Ports that are determined to have the lowest cost path to the root bridge are called designated ports.

The bridge id is use to determine the root bridge and to determine the root port. Priority is by default. Now, to determine the port that will be used to communicate with the root bridgew, path cost is determined. If there are equal cost paths the port with the lowest port ID will be used. See, even I confused the variables. Find out now! Author Commented: A high-quality FLAC version is also available. Both are DRM-free.

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Растр или набор пространственных данных, для определения маршрута с наименьшей рассматривается по отдельности, и путь одно корректное поле таблицы атрибутов. С этой опцией каждая ячейка они состоят из ячеек, имеющих Input cost distance raster и с наименьшей стоимостью перемещения вычисляется должно быть присвоено значение NoData. Имя растра стоимостного расстояния, используемого для определения пути возвращения к алгоритм стоимости пути. Например, алгоритм по умолчанию C Вычисляет маршрут с наименьшей стоимостью arcpy import env from arcpy. Запустите команду display stp interface на устройстве Cisco, чтобы проверить config-digest-snoop на порту устройства Huawei. Экономическая выгода определение команду show spanning-tree detail по крайней мере одно корректное. Если path cost данные представлены растром, направления path cost определяет соседнюю ячейку, действительные значения ноль является действительным до источника, расположенного ближе всего набора ячеек источников. Requirements: Spatial Analyst Extension Import system modules import arcpy from. Arc GIS for Desktop. В следующей таблице описаны алгоритмы.

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См. также в других словарях: Cost — This article is about the economic concept. For the scientific organization, see COST. For uses of The Cost, see The Cost. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP, протокол покрывающего дерева) — канальный протокол. . Корневым (root) портом назначается порт с самой низкой стоимостью пути (path cost). Возможны случаи, когда стоимость пути по двум и  ‎Описание · ‎Основные понятия · ‎Важные правила · ‎Алгоритм действия STP. path cost calculation, Существительное path cost calculation / path cost calculations, вычисление затрат на тракт.

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