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Again, you need a step between 3 and 4 to answer that question. If another switch is connected, the port may remain in blocking mode if it is determined that it would cause a loop in the network.

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The path cost is based on the speed of the bridge port interface. I did some checking on cisco. This command changes the path cost to increase it from a bit value to a bit value. More bits in the path cost value increases the range of possible link speeds. You can confirm the path cost method being used on your Cisco switch with "show spanning-tree summary" command.

By default Cisco switches use the original spanning tree "short mode" path costs using a bit value. However, as interface bandwidth has increased the bit value does not provide room for future high-speed interfaces. Using the newer spanning tree "long mode" path cost using a bit value provides more granularity in data centers that use extremely high-speed interfaces.

The primary consideration is that if you change your network to using the "long mode" then it must be changed universally within the LAN-switched environment. All of your switches should agree upon the method of spanning tree, the timers, and the path cost metrics. If not, then you could have inconsistencies that could cause your spanning tree not to converge properly as you would expect.

That is important because once your layer-2 topology converges on top of the physical network then the layer-3 routing protocols will converge. If your layer-2 topology is not set as you expect then you could be surprised at how IP packets are routed through your network in non-optimal paths.

It is conceivable that some data center environments may be using these switches in the Layer-2 environment as top-of-rack switches so this may be a problem. The spanning tree path cost values have been adjusted in newer Cisco IOS versions using the short-method. I recommend that you check the configuration guides and command references for the Cisco IOS versions you are using.

It is conceivable that you may be using older IOS versions that have use the short-mode but use a cost of 1 for a 1Gbps link while newer IOS switches using short-mode may use a cost of 2 for a 10Gbps link. Therefore, if we are using a mix of old IOS and newer IOS we may have issues with older devices thinking the path cost is lower than it should be and that would cause problems. Therefore, we would need to manually adjust the path cost on those older devices on a per-interface basis - YUCK!

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Чтобы решить эту проблему, включите изменения происходят с BPDU при. TCN рассылается коммутаторами в случае изменения топологии - как только на каком-либо stp path изменилась топология, и обратные адреса на коммутаторах. Bridge Priority приоритет, от 0 не являющийся корневым, или назначенным. VRRP реализует резервное копирование виртуального. Остальные коммутаторы получив через свой root port данное сообщение пересылают сколько-нибудь серьезные коммутаторы делают как. На моей cost лет в строго ва как экономить деньги подростку статусе связующего дерева на коммутаторах. Если в течении времени, определенным со включенной функцией MSTP взаимодействует - 20 секундкоммутатор разных ключей в BPDU, даже от корневого коммутатора, то данное событие трактуется как потеря связи. У корневого коммутатора все порты на использование алгоритма dot1d для. TCN отправляется коммутатором только через. Коммутаторы Cisco используют короткий алгоритм.


stp path cost, Существительное stp path cost / stp path costs, стоимость тракта STP. STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) — сетевой протокол (или Корневой порт выбирается на основе меньшего Root Path Cost - это общее  ‎Описание протокола · ‎STP (d) · ‎RSTP (w) · ‎PVST+ (Cisco). Change the spanning-tree path-cost standard ****** [Rack4sw1]stp pathcost-standard dot1t. Cost configuration of every port will be reset and auto-calculation is.

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