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Click on the image at right for rankings of health insurance plans nationwide. These programs spurred demand for health care services.

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The answer, he says, is that neither providers nor health insurers really want consumers to have that information. Consumers often have no clue that prices can vary so much within a network, says Jeffrey Rice, M. See chart below. In Hartford, Conn. Rachel Collier, 41, a sales executive from San Jose, Calif. She went to the emergency room of a hospital in the Cigna network and was given blood tests, a CT scan, and an IV.

She went home with a couple of medications, and the pain let up after a few hours. He needs two common blood tests every six months to monitor the safety of a cholesterol-lowering medication that he takes. None of the three local network labs he called was able to supply his in-network price for the tests.

Jerry Diffley, who was then director of billing compliance for Quest Diagnostics, one of the labs involved, says that it had contracts with 75 Aetna plans. See our advice on HMOs vs. That can leave patients on the hook for the balance—the amount not reimbursed by their plan. Julie Lindgren, 47, a nuclear-medicine technologist from Seattle, chose an out-of-network doctor and hospital in when she was facing a risky surgery to treat kidney cancer.

The surgery was a success, but the bills that came afterward were a shock. Traditionally, insurers have based UCR prices on what providers charge. Some rely on proprietary internal numbers, and some use national data collected and analyzed by Fair Health, a nonprofit organization based in New York City. A March investigation by the New York State Department of Financial Services found that most plans that use this method pay between percent and percent of what Medicare pays.

We used an online calculator at fairhealthconsumer. Of course, the financial damage can be even worse when, as frequently happens, the out-of-network hospital or doctor charges more than the fair price—sometimes a lot more. We spoke with a man in a Northeastern state whose wife chose an out-of-network neurosurgeon for a complex procedure to correct a severe case of scoliosis.

She asked not to be identified because she is working with a state consumer advocate to negotiate a settlement. An obvious way to avoid getting hit with stratospheric out-of-network bills is not to use out-of-network providers. Annmarie Bragdon, 41, from Farmington Hills, Mich. The company Bragdon worked for intervened and arranged for her to pay the same rates as for an in-network anesthesiologist. Understand your health insurance. How much is the deductible?

What out-of-pocket costs apply toward it? Is there an extra copay for the emergency room? Do you need advance approval for tests, elective procedures, or specialist visits? Does the plan allow you to go out of network at all? St ay in network if you can. Network providers have agreed to accept the negotiated health-plan price as payment in full.

C ompare network prices. Many health plans now post some price information online. Take advantage if you can. Jeffrey Rice, M. F ight back against stealth out-of-network bills. Treating complex conditions like type 2 diabetes can involve a lot of different services, supplies, tests and medications.

This website provides estimates of the typical overall cost you can expect to pay for all components of caring for certain chronic conditions like asthma and event-based procedures like knee replacement. The FH Total Treatment Cost estimates include all of the costs for your medical care from the time you get sick or injured until you are better, or when your treatment is over. For chronic conditions, estimates include the typical services for the condition over the course of one year.

To create each estimate, we first identify the most commonly performed services associated with each condition or procedure. Then we estimate the cost for each of the services associated with the condition or procedure, and multiply that amount by the number of times patients usually receive each service.

We combine all the estimated charges for the number and type of services in a typical treatment cost to give you an estimate. We know you are visiting this website because you need simple, clear answers to questions about healthcare costs and health insurance for yourself or your family. This website is here to help both insured and uninsured New Yorkers make decisions about healthcare. The site also features quality and cost information for certain commonly performed hospital procedures for hospitals in Westchester, Syracuse, Albany and Buffalo, New York.

We also provide nationwide cost lookup tools in English www. FAIR Health is a national, independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information through data products, consumer resources and health systems research support. FAIR Health licenses its privately billed data and data products—including benchmark modules, data visualizations, custom analytics and market indices—to commercial insurers and self-insurers, employers, providers, hospitals and healthcare systems, government agencies, researchers and others.

In January , then-New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced the settlement of an investigation into the method used by certain health insurers to determine reimbursements for patients who received care from out-of-network providers. The settlement agreement reached with 12 health insurers focused on bringing fairness and transparency to the out-of-network reimbursement system by creating a non-industry, independent repository of claims data that would be overseen by a not-for-profit organization.

FAIR Health was formed to establish that database and oversee the ongoing contribution of claims data to it. Funded by the New York State Health Foundation, this website enables New York State residents to identify and compare providers in their geographic locations. FAIR Health selected procedures that were the most common in the FAIR Health database; that are most commonly performed in an out-of-network setting; and that consumers search for the most.

This website includes those providers physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and others in New York State who performed one of the common procedures, at least the median number of times compared to other providers in a geozip. We list those providers and practices in random order on this website. Provider-specific charges are not included for all providers and practices. You may not be listed on this website for a number of reasons, including:. We learned from consumers through focus groups and surveys what type of information they would like to know when choosing a healthcare provider.

FAIR Health is an independent, not-for-profit organization and does not endorse any of the healthcare providers or practitioners who are listed on this website. To learn more, email info fairhealth. FAIR Health has not evaluated and does not endorse any healthcare providers or practitioners listed on this website.

Learn more. We are an independent, national, nonprofit organization known for providing fair and neutral information to all those we serve, including consumers like you. Learn more by visiting our company website at fairhealth.

The case was settled with health insurers that do business in New York State. The settlement agreements focused on bringing fairness and transparency to the out-of-network reimbursement system. FAIR Health was created as part of this settlement and charged with establishing and overseeing an independent database with cost data for billions of billed medical and dental services and procedures.

We use that database to power this free website. Learn more about our process here. The medical and dental charge estimates on this website are based on the FAIR Health database and reflect 12 months of claims. The charge estimates are kept current with updates twice a year. FAIR Health offers benchmark charge data that some insurers may use to help inform their rates for out-of-network reimbursement.

Although some insurers may choose to use our data usually combined with other information to determine UCR, these decisions are made solely by insurers based on their internal policies. The FAIR Health Board of Directors comprises recognized leaders in the fields of medicine, healthcare policy, law, consumer advocacy, technology, education, medical research and business. They serve without compensation and adhere to rigorous conflict-of-interest policies.

This website is here to help both insured and uninsured people make decisions about healthcare. The cost lookup tool shows you what medical and dental care cost in your area. At this time, we have cost estimates for:. We also provide nationwide cost lookup tools in English fairhealthconsumer. It features information on local physicians and other healthcare providers who can provide some of the healthcare services or procedures found on this website. In the future, the site will also feature quality and cost information for certain commonly performed hospital procedures for hospitals in Westchester, Syracuse, Albany and Buffalo, New York.

Insured and uninsured people can use this website. It may be of particular use to people managing a deductible, wanting to learn more about health insurance or looking for access to one of the FH Total Treatment Cost conditions or procedures. Before you receive care, you can use the site to plan your costs. After you receive care, you can use it to negotiate payment or support appeals.

The cost estimates generally apply only to those who are covered by private insurance or who are uninsured. These cost estimates do not apply to those who are covered by government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare.

However, these cost estimates may be useful to you if you have coverage under a government program, but you are getting care that is not covered by that program. For example, Medicare does not cover most dental services. If you have Medicare and you need to see a dentist, you can find out how much you may pay. Note: Some private insurers i. This is not the same as being covered by Medicare. Search limits are reset at the end of the weekly search period to enable consumers to estimate costs for additional codes.

If you use a computer whose IP address is shared throughout an office, library or other organization, you may reach the limit before you have personally conducted the maximum amount of searches. If you are a consumer and feel you have been inappropriately blocked, please e-mail us at consumer fairhealth. For information on licensing FAIR Health data for healthcare professionals and commercial businesses, contact info fairhealth. FAIR Health welcomes organizations to link to our website and download materials for consumer use.

FAIR Health is a not-for-profit organization that relies in part on license fees to support its work. When consumers use our site, we incur fees from third parties. For that reason, links to fairhealthconsumer. Commercial purposes include, but are not limited to, links established by providers or third-party payors in connection with participation on state or federal health benefit exchanges. FAIR Health also licenses educational material, videos and cost lookup tools for use on organization websites and for other uses.

Please contact info fairhealth. New features are also announced on the website homepage. You can e-mail consumer fairhealth. We selected hospitals that are located in Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse or Westchester and that have 50 beds or more. We selected the outpatient procedures based on how often they appeared in our database, how often they are provided out of network and what consumers search for the most. FAIR Health drew the price information for the selected outpatient hospital procedures from its comprehensive, proprietary claims database.

FAIR Health met with stakeholders representing consumers, hospitals and plans before selecting the quality measures featured on this website. ES EN. Enter Search. Estimate your healthcare expenses. Get to know this site through this informative video. Insurance Basics Short articles that explain what you need to know: from bills to your rights. See the categories. Insurance Basics. Insurance Basics home. Resources Websites that can make your busy health life a little easier.

Quality How to distinguish the best doctors and hospitals. Read more. Your Bill How to review your medical bill. Dental Coverage Dental Coverage for Children. About Our Data. Awards and Recognition. Back to Top. Awards and Recognition FAIR Health strives to make sure that our website, mobile app and other resources help consumers like you find the information you need. FAIR Health reports what hospitals typically charge for 20 commonly performed outpatient procedures.

Hospital-specific quality metrics. FAIR Health also offers information on quality measures that can help you decide which hospital is best for you and your family. These measures are described in detail in the Quality section of this website. This website allows you to search for: How much you might pay for a medical or dental service if you are uninsured.

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You may become responsible for the medical costs of treatment for your illness or condition with the provider listed below if (1) you fail to prosecute the claim for. (5) The costs for inmate health care for the previous fiscal year, both statewide and at each adult state prison, and a comparison of costs from the fiscal year prior. Having health insurance has traditionally been a way of protecting yourself against unexpected medical bills (similar to car insurance, where.

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