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In contrast, an investor holding a mutual fund may incur a tax liability just simply by holding the fund. This is equivalent to the original formula 1- 1. Typically mutual funds are less tax efficient when compared to, say, ETFs because they are more actively managed and have a higher turnover rate of the assets and holdings within the fund.

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The formula for the effective tax rate for a corporation can be derived by using the following steps:. Let us take the example of John to understand the calculation for the effective tax rate. Let us take the real-life example of Apple Inc. The following information is available. It is very important to understand the concept of an effective tax rate because it is one metric that can be used by the investors as a profitability indicator of a company.

However, the rate may fluctuate dramatically from year to year due to the taxable income falling into different tax slabs in a progressive tax regime. Otherwise, it is difficult to straightaway assess the reason behind a sudden jump or drop in the tax rate. For example, the change in the tax rate may be due to asset accounting manipulation by the company intended to reduce the tax burden.

Nevertheless, the tax rate is a good indicator of the tax burden imposed by the government. This has been a guide to Effective Tax Rate Formula. Here we discuss how to calculate Effective Tax Rate for the Individuals and the Corporation along with the practical examples, calculator and downloadable excel sheet.

You can learn more about accounting from the following articles —. Filed Under: Accounting , Income Statement. Your email address will not be published. The tax cost ratio provides additional information that is not available from after-tax returns alone. The tax cost ratio isolates the effects of taxes alone.

Different categories of funds and different time periods will have varying levels of pre- and after-tax returns. The tax cost ratio is independent of the level of the return and it is always expressed on an annualized basis. Therefore, it can be used to compare different funds, categories, managers, and time periods.

For example, you can compare the three-year and year tax cost ratios for the same fund to see if the manager has become better at managing tax issues in more recent years. M orningstar calculates the tax cost ratio in-house on a monthly basis, using load-adjusted and tax-adjusted returns for different time periods. Because the tax cost ratio is based on after-tax returns , it is based on the same assumptions as those returns and it is an estimate of what the hypothetical investor would experience.

For example, after-tax returns assume that investors pay the maximum federal tax rate on capital gains and ordinary income.

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Tax-Managed Investing - Taxes have a cost, it’s a big cost.

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