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Cost on the other hand is the expenditure involved in the manufacture of a thing or a product. Thus cost determines the price of a product or a service. Price does not determine the cost. Hence price can be said to be the subset of cost. Therefore, you have not received any financial gain from the purchase of the business cards.

In business terms, the purchase of the business cards would be an expenditure rather than a cost. Cost, like an expenditure, is also when you spend money. But in business terms, a cost is when you spend money, but you also receive financial benefits from the cost made. Costs, in some situations, can refer to spending money that "may" bring you a financial benefit.

However, if you purchase the business cards, hand every one out, but still see no financial gain, some businesses will count this as a cost since there is a chance that you "may" see a financial gain somewhere down the road. The term can also refer to the amount of money needed to maintain a product or a service.

Cost can include labor, capital, materials, bills, salaries and wages of workers, and other transactions like marketing and distribution and shipping. It also exemplifies the worth or value of the product or the service itself. Price can be further classified as the selling price, transaction price, bid price, or buying price. The first two types of cost refer to operation costs in a production. Opportunity costs, meanwhile, do not necessarily refer to money but to opportunity for a business to profit.

In terms of value, costs are often lower compared to the price. This means that the profit element adds some value into the price. Cite Celine. January 9,

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Перевод контекст "cost difference" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: At this time, it was already expected that the cost difference would gradually. Слова price, cost, charge, value имеют общее значение – «цена, стоимость», но между ними все же есть некоторое отличие, которое. Разница между COST и WORTH Многие, изучающие английский язык, путают слова cost и worth и принимают их за полные синонимы. Сost – стоить.

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