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To take the pressure off local councils who previously bore a significant proportion of the burden. Be aware that it is a guide only.

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This table shows the typical cost per tonne of different types of trade waste please use these estimates as an indication only. This is where the government gets involved. They charge a fee for every tonne of commercial waste that you dump into the ground, known as the Landfill Tax. The government increase this fee every year to encourage people to turn to more sustainable methods such as recycling. You can read more about the rates here.

Landfill Tax Rate 1st April To get a bespoke waste disposal quote for your business, simply fill in this form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you. Certain types of waste are fairly cheap and easy to dispose of, such as recyclable materials e. This is essentially because of the risk of transporting it i. A larger quantity of waste will require more manpower and time to remove, so the increased labour costs will be built into your fees. A few modest bags of paper are much more manageable than several tonnes of dusty rubble.

It pays to be well connected. If your business has a remote location, it will take longer for your waste management company to collect the waste and deliver it to a waste transfer station. To start collecting quotes for commercial waste disposal, simply click the orange button below, fill in the form, and our suppliers will be in touch.

You can also check out our list of the best waste management companies. To start collecting waste disposal quotes for your business, simply fill in this form and one of our trusted suppliers will get back to you. Every waste management company has its administrative fees, but you can keep these to a minimum by switching to direct debit payments and paperless billing. The majority of companies will also charge you for a Waste Transfer Note WTN , which is a legal document that describes the waste your business is producing.

The gate fee is charged at waste processing facilities e. Your waste management company will pay this fee and then pass it on to you in your invoice. If your business is based in London within the charging zone , your waste management company will have to pay the congestion charge in order to come and collect your trade waste. If your business has to buy, sell or transport waste products as part of its day-to-day operations e.

To find out more about WTNs and other waste legislation, visit our guide to trade waste disposal regulations. There are responsibilities you must adhere to once you start generating commercial waste. There are four ways that you can decrease your spending on commercial waste disposal: eliminate , reduce , re-use , and recycle , which spells out the indecisive acronym ERRR. The report provides a review and summary of Australian data and methods for estimating the costs of the disposal of waste to landfill, a comparison with international data and methods, and estimates for the cost of the disposal of putrescible waste to landfill in Australia.

The report forms part of a suite of research reports used to inform the National Waste Policy - Less waste, more resources. Skip to main content. Home Topics Environment protection Waste and resource recovery Waste policy publications and resources The full cost of landfill disposal in Australia. The full cost of landfill disposal in Australia BDA,

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