Prices and costs difference

For the seller, the price is a future income.

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The article takes a look at 2 concepts; factor cost and market price that help understand how producers arrive at a selling price, and explains the similarities and differences between the factor cost and market price. There are a number of inputs that are included into a production process when producing goods and services.

These inputs are commonly known as factors of production and include things such as land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. Producers of goods and services incur a cost for using these factors of production. These costs are ultimately added onto the price of the product. The factor cost refers to the cost of factors of production that is incurred by a firm when producing goods and services. Examples of such production costs include the cost of renting machines, purchasing machinery and land, paying salaries and wages, cost of obtaining capital, and the profit margins that are added by the entrepreneur.

The factor cost does not include the taxes that are paid to the government since taxes are not directly involved in the production process and, therefore, are not part of the direct production cost. However, subsidies received are included in the factor cost as subsidies are direct inputs into the production.

Once goods and services are produced they are sold in a market place at a set market price. The market price is the price that consumers will pay for the product when they purchase it from the sellers. Taxes charged by the government will be added onto the factor price while subsidies provided will be reduced from the factor price to arrive at the market price.

The two opposing forces of supply in demand are always trying to achieve an equilibrium where the quantity of the goods or services provided matches the demand of the corresponding market and its ability to acquire the good or service. This simple theory of determining prices is one of the core principles underlying economic theory. In each instance, supply is finite—there are only a certain number of automobiles available and a certain number of appointments available at any given time.

The number of potential consumers available is always finite. Tools for Fundamental Analysis. Financial Analysis. Financial Ratios. Small Business Taxes. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Login Newsletters. Cost vs.

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В некоторых случаях существительное cost имеет такое же значение как price, например, когда мы говорим о стоимости вообще. В этой статье я расскажу вам, чем отличаются английские слова price, cost и fee. Давайте разберемся, как их правильно использовать. Слова price, cost, charge, value имеют общее значение – «цена, стоимость», но между ними все же есть некоторое отличие, которое.

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