The cost of fear

Gold was down sharply as collateral became very hard to source. Gold may be collateral of last resort but many still treat it as a hedge against everything going wrong — including central banks and their numerous big errors forecasts. Unlike, say, sovereign bonds there should be no expectation for a negatively correlated price.

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But then fear won out again late in October as it became more clear that the Global Financial Crisis was one of those historical events that changes things. Among the factors that would be changed was interest rates. The cost of owning gold as a hedge is determined by the opportunity cost of not holding something else while you do.

The metal pays no interest and if the market expects interest rates to rise or stay high, then it is a relatively more expensive and therefore unappealing hedge. If, however, the market expects otherwise, that interest rates will fall, maybe even to less than zero, gold becomes a much more attractive prospect. Small wonder what happened for the final phase of the panic period where gold was concerned. As market expectations for interest rates indicated by balance sheet constraints like swap spreads fell sharply, gold took off even though stocks and other risky assets suffered a third wave of liquidations into early Not only do lower rates reduce the opportunity costs for gold, they also signal the often-desperate instability which drives the demand for that kind of severe hedging in the first place.

Fear gold and the expectation for, as well as the consequences of, lower rates go together. Tags: comex gold gold physical gold. Merry Christmas Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Next story Winning? Live Gold and Silver. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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Price Of Fear Remains To Be Seen 1973

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