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In my view, I would suggest everyone to go with the part 2 of this answer if you want to be a pilot in India, because it is the most efficient way. This question is a bit tricky to answer!!! Tampa is known for being a great city for all ages and tastes, offering hotel accommodations that fit any budget and catering to everyone from the families to outdoor adventure seekers to foodies and wine connoisseurs.

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The cost depends on which flight school you train at and the type of training you do. Integrated flight training refers to a full time commercial flight training course, where all of the training is completed with the same dedicated flight training organisation. Students who complete integrated flight training can complete the course with fewer flight hours than that required if completing it through the modular route.

A full time integrated course usually takes between about 14 — 18 months, however it is dependant on the weather and satisfactory student progress at each stage. Modular flight training refers to completing your flight training one step at a time.

Please write to us at learn2fly gpapilot. Benefits of doing your flight training with us in the USA compared to doing your flight training in India:. This is the government aviation authority responsible for issue of pilot licenses in India. Tampa is known for being a great city for all ages and tastes, offering hotel accommodations that fit any budget and catering to everyone from the families to outdoor adventure seekers to foodies and wine connoisseurs.

Once known as a melting pot for all cultures and settlers, Tampa remains a welcoming place for those seeking fun, opportunity and a chance to try new things. With large growth in the aviation sector, there is a need for over 1, commercial pilots per year for the next five years. However, while there are 42 training institutes in the country, of which only 25 are operational 14 are state-operated and 11 are run by private entrepreneurs , they have the capacity to churn out pilots annually, leaving a yawning gap of pilots.

The private flying schools in India charge about Rs 16 lakh, which is at par with what is charged in the US. But most of them do not offer multi-engine aircraft training, unlike in foreign academies. This training is necessary to get entry into any premier airline company in the country or the globe.

State-owned flying institutes charge a little lower, in the range of Rs 10 lakh. But most of them have such limited facilities that a student takes around three years to finish his course and still gets very limited flying experience. We got hours of flying in five months," said a pilot of a leading airline who got his training from a US academy.

Says Arun Lohiya, deputy chief executive, Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics Ltd, one of the largest private flying schools in the country: "The higher charges in India can be attributed to three heads "" higher aviation fuel costs, higher maintenance costs and instructors charging exorbitant fees. On average, an instructor in a flying school charges around Rs 3 lakh per month. Also, no flying school in India has simulator training for aircraft like the A and the Boeing Only the airlines have their own simulators for the family of aircraft used in their fleet.

Institutes abroad have their own simulators and can provide training for such family of passenger aircraft," says a passout of the Branson Flying Academy, Canada. Cpl will cost you 25 to 40 Lac depending on from where are you doing. Either in India or outside. Foreign CPL will cost less. Type rating depends on which aircraft are you getting trained. Boeing will cost your 12 to 18 lac. Airbus is similar cost. Still this amount is not fixed.

Cos Airline like Jet will ask you to deposite 35 lac once you are selected for your type rating and other training. So in a round figure.. Before investing your money, you need to assesss yourself you you be able to do it and compete in Airline? Otherwise all these money will be wasted. Do your Pilot assessment test and judge yourself.

Ask me for for any query. This answer is as per I am supposing you are from India. Firstly , you needed to get your medicals done,Both class 1 and 2 which will cost you around 5—6 thousand rupees. Then attend CPL ground classes and clear all the tests either by self study or join a institute which will cost you around 1 lac or so. Then apply with the flying school and get your Visa process done in case you have applied for outside India.

Choose school which is ready to finish your training within a year. It will cost you a total It will cost you a total of 40 lacs including training ,accommodation, food, travel. This will cost you 2—3 lacs. Then apply for the pilot job.

It will cost you around 15 lacs. In total , you will be spending 60 lacs or so. This all is if you are from India and going to have your training done in USA. How much is your chance of becoming a commercial pilot in India? You have the maximum chance of becoming a commercial pilot in India. India is a country open to everything. Money is never a criteria in India. The most important thing is do you have a passion for flying? Do your have interest for flying?

Are you really interest in flying? Everything is possible if you have high level of pas Everything is possible if you have high level of passion for flying and aviation. If you are willing to sacrifice everything for flying? Do you live for your passions and interest?

If your aim to become a commercial pilot is for material gains, high pay package and for popularity and happiness, then it would be difficult to become a commercial pilot. I recently put together a detailed video on this topic. I highly recommend you watch it to get the complete picture about this profession. These facts will help you make an informed decision.

Around 40—50 lacs! One of the highest paid careers in the world, Commercial Pilot is also amongst the most fascinated careers. Fly high and achieve your dreams! A commercial pilot travels around the world, explores various cultures and enjoy life to the fullest. But, nothing comes free. Everything has an attached cost to it. Hence, the cost of becoming a pilot in India falls somewhere around 40—45 lacs.

If you wish to fly in India, you need to obtain the licence here. I would suggest applying for the licence in India but complete your flying hours abroad. If you wish to understand the process in detail, you may refer to the following link:. Before deciding about the cost you should think about your career and if you decide once that you want to do it then nothing can stop you.

So first think if you want to become a pilot in your life you should move forward with that. Because there are many Flight School available who provide training and give scholarship to their students. The fee charged by most of the flying schools includes the accommodation and food expenses.

The average time taken to complete a CPL program is 15—18 months. Since it involves a lot of money one must choose the flying school carefully. I would recommend Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. If you are looking for a school which has elite flight instructors, state of the art infrastr If you are looking for a school which has elite flight instructors, state of the art infrastructure and have trained hundreds of highly skilled pilots then Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt.

Ltd is the perfect partner for you. Sign In. How much does it ultimately cost to become a commercial pilot in India? Update Cancel. Start a hedge fund using a regular broker account. Collective2 is the first distributed hedge fund.

Attract capital, earn money, build your track record. Learn More. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. Originally Answered: How much does it ultimately cost to become a commercial pilot in India? Anyways , here goes the procedure in detail You will have to clear about 6 exams and about to hours of flying which includeSingle engine with instructor till the time the institute is confident on you , so fly amazingly …..

The 6 exams are : Technical general : it is a general knowledge about how an aircraft works Technical specific : its study about a specific aircraft on which u r doing your CPL on Navigation : how to reach different places from your point , calculating distances , estimating time and fuel consumption Regulat Complete your flying with full dedication in about 4 to 6 months and get your CPL …..

Ground classes : 1. And then comes the most important parameter , Time … Go to a place where they promise you to get your flying done in the least amount of time [I am assuming you have done your ground classes separately and cleared all the exams]. How much does it really cost to become a commercial pilot?

What is the cost of a commercial pilot course in the USA? What is the cost of pilot training in india?

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What Does Flight Training Cost?

Присваиваемая квалификация, EASA (Private Pilot License EASA PPL(A)) these subjects in the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency (Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia) with a score not below 75%. Training course expenses include the following. It is a training organization certified by the Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia and has been Why Choose AirTraining for your pilot training Lower life cost. Initial training of students to operate modern airplanes as an efficient University of Civil Aviation (GUGA) started to renovate its Soviet fleet of training will also appreciate the price aspect of the matter: Cessna airplanes.

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