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The conservation of lions has to be reconciled with the needs of humans. The Dutch Zoo Conservation Fund for funding the project. In southern Europe and Asia, the lion once ranged in regions where climatic conditions supported an abundance of prey.

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Hunting as a group means there is a better chance that the lions have food when they need it, and it is less likely that they will get injured while hunting. Lions and lionesses play different roles in the life of the pride. The lionesses work together to hunt and help rear the cubs.

This allows them to get the most from their hard work, keeping them healthier and safer. Being smaller and lighter than males, lionesses are more agile and faster. During hunting, smaller females chase the prey toward the center of the hunting group. Lionesses are versatile and can switch hunting jobs depending on which females are hunting that day and what kind of prey it is. While it may look like the lionesses do all the work in the pride, the males play an important role.

Males also guard the cubs while the lionesses are hunting, and they make sure the cubs get enough food. When a new male tries to join a pride, he has to fight the males already there. The new male is either driven off or succeeds in pushing out the existing males.

Over the course of 24 hours, lions have short bursts of intense activity, followed by long bouts of lying around that total up to 21 hours! Lions are good climbers and often rest in trees, perhaps to catch a cool breeze or to get away from flies. Researchers have often noticed lions lying around in crazy poses, such as on their backs with their feet in the air or legs spread wide apart! Lions are famous for their sonorous roar. Males are able to roar when they are about one year old, and females can roar a few months later.

Lions use their roar as one form of communication. Other sounds lions produce include growls, snarls, hisses, meows, grunts, and puffs, which sound like a stifled sneeze and is used in friendly situations. Lions have other forms of communication as well, mostly used to mark territory.

They spread their scent by rubbing their muzzle on tufts of grass or shrubs, and they rake the earth with their hind paws, as the paws have scent glands, too. Adult males also spray urine—stand back! Save Save. Prime habitat for lions is open woodlands, thick grassland, and brush habitat where there is enough cover for hunting and denning. Lions usually hunt at night, particularly at dusk and dawn, with lionesses doing most of the work. A lion chasing down prey can run the length of a football field in six seconds.

Their eyes have a horizontal streak of nerve cells, which improves their vision following prey across a plain. Lions have been spotted taking down animals as large as buffalo and giraffes! They may even drag this heavy prey into thickets of brush to keep other animals from getting to it. Lions hunt antelope and other hoofed animals, baby elephants or rhinos, rodents, reptiles, insects, and even crocodiles. They also scavenge or steal prey from leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, or wild dogs, even eating food that has spoiled.

Lions digest their food quickly, which allows them to return soon for a second helping after gorging themselves the first time. A lioness gives birth to her cubs in a secluded location away from the pride. Cubs remain hidden for four to six weeks as they gain strength, learn to walk, and play with one another and their mother. When they return to the pride, they can nurse from any adult lioness in the pride, not just their own mother.

In fact, the females in a pride often give birth around the same time, which makes for lots of playmates! Cubs born in a pride are twice as likely to survive as those born to a lioness that is on her own. However, if a new adult male takes over the pride, he may kill cubs under one year old so that he can father new ones. Under favorable conditions, a lioness can produce cubs roughly every other year. Все очень просто: отсканируйте квадратный QR код с чека через приложение Биглион.

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Using our application you can get substantial savings on shopping. Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Biglion партнер Biglion Business. Add to Wishlist. Translate the description back to Russian Russia Translate. Приложение Биглион партнер разработано для упрощения погашения купонов для организаций, которые сотрудничают с компанией Биглион. Благодаря данному приложению партнер может: - Сканировать штрих-код купона через встроенную камеру для ускорения поиска купона по базе.

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