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A thorough Life Cycle Cost analysis yields a higher level of confidence in the project decision, which is part of the Project Validation calculation. In essence, Life Cycle Costing is a means of estimating all the costs involved in procuring, operating, maintaining and ultimately disposing a product throughout its life. The total cost of ownership of an asset is often far greater than the initial capital outlay cost and can vary significantly between different life cycle costing solutions to a given operational buba мультфильм.

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Technological developments and changes in user requirements are key factors impacting the effective life of an asset. A major portion of projected life cycle costs stems from the consequences of decisions made during the early phases of asset planning and conceptual design. It is the early decisions made during the design of an asset, definition of operations and maintenance requirements, and setting of the operating context of the asset that commit a large percentage of the life cycle costs for that asset.

Figure 3 provides an indication of the level of cost reduction that can be achieved at various stages of the project. It shows that as a project moves from strategic planning that the majority of decisions have been made that provide the majority of the cost to the project. The best opportunities to achieve significant cost reductions in life cycle costs occur during the early concept development and design phase of any project. At this time, significant changes can be made for the least cost.

To achieve the maximum benefit available during this stage of the project it is important to explore the following:. The concept of the life cycle of an asset provides a framework to document and compare alternatives. It is unlikely that all seven of the alternatives listed above are feasible for each analysis; rather than waste money on obviously irrelevant options, the practitioner is encouraged to reduce the analyzed set to only those that are thought to be feasible.

A single intervention option for the entire life cycle is not likely to be the best approach to maximizing the life extension for an asset. Multiple strategies and options will need to be studied to determine the optimal strategy or combination of strategies for maximum life extension. Optimal Renewal Decision Making uses life cycle cost analysis as a core Tool for determining the optimum intervention strategy and intervention timing. Knowing with certainty the exact costs for the entire life cycle of an asset is, of course, not possible; future costs can only be estimated with varying degrees of confidence.

Future costs are usually subject to a level of uncertainty that arises from a variety of factors, including:. The main goal in assessing life cycle costs is to generate a reasonable approximation of the costs consistently derived over all feasible alternatives , not to try and achieve a perfect answer. As rehabilitations and or replacement of assets occur during the life cycle, adjust both operations and maintenance costs appropriately.

Both maintenance and operations costs are likely to materially increase as the asset ages. The timing of the rates of increases in the flow of costs over time are instrumental in determining total life cycle costs and can substantially impact the outcome of the investment decision.

It is therefore important to:. Inflation is likely to occur but should be taken into account in the discounting of future costs see next section. The application of Life Cycle Cost analysis to find that alternative with the lowest life cycle costs is important, but there will also likely be organizational cash flow issues that need to be considered. There will always be competing demands for the available cash resources of the organization at any given time.

Management of cash flow is simplified if the pattern is predictable over the long term. It is conceivable that the lowest cost solution might not be the best solution from the aggregate cash flow perspective. Life cycle analysis provides a sound basis for projecting cash requirements which can assist the Chief Financial Officer in managing the cash cycles of the organization. Articles Topics Index Site Archive.

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Перевод контекст "life-cycle cost" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: The discussions made clear that the terms of reference for possible preventive. Life Cycle Costing современная комплексная методика учета затрат, подходящая для изделий с различной длительностью жизненного цикла и. Our strategic consulting portfolio covers the complete network life cycle: strategic consulting, business case analysis, cost-benefit analysis and profitability.

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