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They put a lot of effort into creating an experience which customers are willing to pay top dollar for.

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The organization and execution of a music festival will typically be characterized by high variable costs. These are the costs associated with the day to day running of the company or the used up expenses. Other OPEX related expenditures are purchase of raw materials, electricity bills and expenditure on maintenance of buildings and machinery.

The higher the volume, the lower the overall cost per unit. Economies of scale are a benefit enjoyed by most big companies with a high output quota. Essentially this is a cost advantage which big companies can enjoy due to their size, sheer quantity of output or scale of operation. The reason costs fall with higher volumes is because higher volumes spread fixed costs more thinly making the cost per unit fall dramatically; hence the average cost per unit is reduced.

Hence a bigger company will have a lower cost per unit output than a smaller company or a company with more facilities will have more of an advantage than one with fewer facilities. Not only do economies of scale help lower fixed costs, they may also help reduce variable costs by creating synergies and increasing efficiency.

Bulk buying is a common indicator of mass production and automatically leads to economies of scale. Bulk buying often leads to lower prices. When you are buying in volume, you often have a stronger negotiating position and can create lower prices for your raw material. This is a tactic used most successfully by Walmart which uses bulk buying to negotiate much lower prices for the items in its stores. It is then able to transfer these savings to its customers, providing them with lower than market prices for regular items.

Economies of scope refer to the reduction of costs when a business invests in multiple markets or a larger scope of operations. The average cost of production is therefore expected to decrease if a company opts to increase the number of goods it produces. A company will have a structure in place already along with all the departments such as Marketing, Finance or HR operating, so the company can increase their scope and hence economize the entire structure.

Economies of scope based on product diversification are only achieved if the different products have common processes or share the use of some resource. Hence spending on marketing the products or distribution channels may lessen per unit if both products require similar marketing efforts or use the same distribution channel. The uses of product bundling and family branding are also an example of firms trying to achieve economies of scale.

However, where economies of scale are easy to achieve and measure, economies of scope present a bigger challenge when trying to measure them. Coca Cola already has a number of drinks launched in the brand other than Coke itself. Supposing we look into how Coke can diversify even further by launching an as yet unheard of drink such as Coca Cola Green Tea. Distribution of the different products under one company will use the established Distribution Channel leading to a major saving for the company.

We all recognize Google as a multinational corporation which specializes in internet based products and services. It is one of the biggest internet companies in the world and has made an unprecedented success of its Search Engine Optimization products. It has dedicated fans worldwide and is the most preferred search engine on the internet.

Google invests deeply into its research and development with the purpose of bringing around improvement in existing products and constantly creating new and innovative solutions. This expenditure has helped Google maintain its position at the top despite the typical short-lived cycles of popularity of most internet based successes. It is speculated that Google has almost a million servers globally and these servers help process around a billion search requests daily.

Google has invested a great deal into these data centers and they represent a significant fixed cost for the company. However, due to the high volume of searches these centers process, they are able to increase economies of scale for the company by optimizing the servers search capacities.

Traffic acquisition costs refer to the money given to the Google Network through its Adsense program or to websites which redirect users to Google or provide the Google Toolbar to their customers. All these players help Google in attracting more and more users to its products and services daily. Finally, Google invests in advertising and marketing to the wide customer base it is targeting. These costs also include the worldwide Sales Force that Google maintains which aims to sell its campaigns as well as its support team, available to handle customer complaints or hiccups.

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Great site with easy to understand information and explanations! Very helpful! Administrative overhead for customer service, warranty claims. Costs of products and services sold to the customer, product returns, credits taken, early payment discounts taken. Some of the preceding costs can be difficult to define, so you may need to implement an activity-based costing project to more closely assign costs to the cost structure of the cost object in question.

You can alter the competitive posture of a business by altering its cost structure, not only in total, but between its fixed and variable cost components. For example, you could outsource the functions of a department to a supplier who is willing to bill the company based on usage levels. By doing so, you are eliminating a fixed cost in favor of a variable cost, which means that the company now has a lower break even point , so that it can still earn a profit at lower sales levels.

A knowledge of the capacity levels associated with the existing fixed cost structure can also allow a business to increase its profits by lowering prices sufficiently to maximize the utilization of a fixed cost item. This type of pricing behavior is only possible if you have a detailed knowledge of the cost structure of a business. Cost Accounting Fundamentals. Articles Topics Index Site Archive.

About Contact. The following bullet points highlight key elements of the cost structures of various cost objects: Product cost structure Fixed costs. Direct labor , manufacturing overhead Variable costs. Direct materials , commissions , production supplies, piece rate wages Service cost structure Fixed costs. Administrative overhead Variable costs. Staff wages, bonuses, payroll taxes , travel and entertainment Product line cost structure Fixed costs.

Administrative overhead, manufacturing overhead, direct labor Variable costs. Direct materials, commissions, production supplies Customer cost structure Fixed costs. Administrative overhead for customer service, warranty claims Variable costs.

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Managerial Accounting 6.4: Impact of Cost Structure on CVP Analysis

cost structure: Определение cost structure: all the costs that a company or organization has, and the relationship between the different types of cost. Узнать. This venture will give us the cost structure and critical mass to allow us to design and build products specifically for the emerging geothermal markets in China. Video created by Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке for the course "Building the Business Model for Corporate Entrepreneurs". In this module, we.

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